of retail executives worried about not receiving inventory on time
(Deloitte 2021 Holiday Retail Survey)
retail executives are looking to repatriate some of their supplier production
(Deloitte 2021 Retail Industry Outlook)
retail executives expected moderate to major supply chain investments in 2021
(Deloitte 2021 Retail Industry Outlook)
of shoppers concerned about stockouts, leading consumers to start shopping earlier
(Deloitte 2021 Holiday Retail Survey)

How can businesses make their supply chain more resilient to unexpected challenges?

Supply Chain Visibility

Transparency & Waste Reduction

Demand Prediction & Shipping Visibility

Flexible Fulfillment

(What’s “in store” in a vaccinated world, Deloitte 2020)

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Reverse Logistics

Delivery orchestration

Warehouse Robotics